Sent certified, return receipt mail:  Number ______________________



TO:                              [Credit Issuer]               FAX


ACCOUNT NO.                                              REFERENCE NO.


FROM:      [Your Name]


On (Date) I sent a letter to your company via certified, return receipt request mail. I received a card notifying me that you received my letter and enclosed documents. It has now been (#) of days and you are in violation of either state or federal law.


I notified you that I had learned that an unauthorized account has been opened with your company or bank. Furthermore I requested information about the application and transaction records to be forwarded to me and the designated police agencies per various state and now federal FACTA law. You have failed to comply.


I have not received a letter of clearance or a phone call from a fraud investigator so I must assume that you are ignoring my case. I expect a phone call within 5 days of the receipt of this letter from a fraud investigator about the status of this case or a letter of clearance. If not, per my grievance rights, I may notify the Federal Trade Commission of your non-compliance along with my state Attorney General, the U.S. Attorney General, and Better Business Bureau. Please understand that I may be forced to consider legal action.


Please notify all collection agencies that you may have sent this account to. Please do not assign this account to any other collection agency. So far these criminals have stolen approximately  $______ in checks or credit charges in my name. We suspect there will be more until they are caught.


Be advised that reporting these items to the credit bureaus as collection items or continuing to pursue these debts from me would be considered a violation of the state and federal level Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.  



Victim Name                                                                Social Security Number


Victim Address




Victim Phone                                        Fax                                           Email



Primary Designated Police Department:                                                  Report # 



Primary Designated Investigator:


Address/phone #



Other Designated Agencies:                                                       Report # 



Designated Investigators/prosecutors and contact info:



Signed:___________________________________________                        Date________________