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RE:       Credit Card or Bank Acct #________

            Check #_______





Dear Sirs:


This letter is provided as legal notice to inform you that on or about ______(date), the following occurred:

            _____ Checks numbered xxx to xxx for ___ (bank name, acct #xxx) were stolen. Be

advised that this account was closed on ____ (date) by the bank upon my request.

_____ Checks numbered xxx, xxx, xxx have been fraudulently created by another person using my name and address as the account holder

            _____ A credit card was opened without my authorization or knowledge, using my name,

social security number and other personal data. Card #______________

_____  Credit card # xxx was stolen and then used by the thief. Be advised that this

account was closed on ___ (date) when I directly called the credit card company and told them of the theft..

_____ Other (explain) ____________________________________________________


These checks/credit cards are now or were being fraudulently used to obtain goods and services from merchants. You are officially being told that this is a case of identity theft or financial fraud and that an investigation is required at this time.


Please be advised that appropriate agencies and companies have been notified. You are free to contact any of these agencies to verify this information. If available, a copy of the police report will be attached to this letter.


            Name of police department fraud was reported to:__________________________

            Contact person and phone number ______________________________________


            Bank: _____________________________________________________________

Contact person and phone number ______________________________________


            Credit Card company ________________________________________________

Contact person and phone number ______________________________________


I have also notified the three major credit reporting agencies, Equifax, Experian and TransUnion, placed a fraud alert on my account and notified them of possible fraudulent activity. Where appropriate, I have also notified the following check verification companies: __________________________________________


Please advise your client or the assignor of this criminal activity and notify them to not reassign this account to another agency.  So far these criminals have stolen approximately  $______ in checks or credit charges in my name. We suspect there will be more until they are caught.


Now that you have been notified in writing about the fraud-- Be advised that reporting these items to the credit bureaus as collection items or continuing to pursue these debts from me prior to an investigation would be considered a violation of the state and federal level Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and the Fair Credit Reporting Act.


I hereby request photocopies of any applications, application information or transaction information you may have on this account. (Required by law-FACTA effective June 2, 2004)  It will be turned over to law enforcement so that this criminal might be brought to justice.


This has been a very frustrating experience for me. I have always maintained an impeccable credit history. I appreciate your circumstances and hope you can appreciate mine.  It is my hope that the law enforcement agencies can apprehend this criminal(s) and put them in jail. Until that time, I will have to continue to deal with this unpleasant situation. Regrettably so will the merchants who unknowingly accept these checks/credit cards.


I declare under penalty of perjury that this declaration is true and correct to the best of my knowledge. Knowingly submitting false information on this affidavit could subject me to criminal prosecution for perjury.





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